Welcome to the Highres 3d Printer Wiki!

Goals of the Highres 3d Printer Wiki

To gather in a single place as much information pertaining to high resolution 3d printing.
This wiki stems form a yahoo group where discussion has been taking place for several months with some amazing results.
There has been so much information spread over those groups that finding it has become an unwieldy task and similar questions keep popping up and being answered over and over again.
All information displayed here aims to be as accurate and helpful as possible, and we would like to people to help us keep it that way.
Please inform us of any errors that you may have found or if you know something shown here not to work, tell us!
Discussions and opinions over ideas and technologies may be better held in the email list format as long as the concepts are not fleshed out enough to be published in this more permanent wiki format.

We want plans, links, providers, documents, drawings, charts, videos, pictures, recipies…

We do not intend on duplicating the RepRap effort, as our goals differ in several ways:
Good resolution is a higher priority to us than auto-replication capacity.
We won't do FDM or FFF technology (as far as I'm aware), but any other technology that allows good resolution is welcome.

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