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Lamp Spectra

Spectra of UHP vs Xenon lamps.

Proposed Xenon HID lamp for test rig: Philips D2S Xenon 35W

Spectrum of Philips HPR lamp.

Specs sheet of the Philips HPR lamp

Spectra Metal Halide vs sunlight and Halogen lamps.
Spectra of Tungsten Halogen lamps (household halogen lamps)

Things to note in this chart is that we are interested in output between 350 and 450 nm when we are talking about visible light curable systems (both BAPO and H-NU based resins)

350 - 390 nm is the near UV (part of UVA) spectrum. This sector of the spectrum is interesting because it affects speed of cure, as it is much more energetic light (per quanta) as visible light

390 - 450 nm is the violet and blue part of the spectrum. This is where the bulk of visible light energy is adsorbed by BAPO and H-NU photoinitiators. This light may be less energetic and thus not as effective regarding curing speed, but there will be much more of it, due to the optics tending to filter UV light. Visible light also is better for depth of cure.

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Spectra of some common lamp types available here, here

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Transmission spectra

Borofloat glass versus regular Soda-Lime glass


Complete Borofloat spectrum

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